Have you all read David Owen's article about primordial succession planning?

Sport scene TV have a scathing article about British Canoeing jeopardising democracy. Yet BC continue to defend the indefensible?
Knowledge is power. Within BC there are enough board members without an understanding of our sport to want to maintain the status quo. The incumbent president has been in the job for more than two decades. Does everyone really think that everything will fall to pieces without him?

Nick Penfold from UK Slalom has written the following to Professor John Coyne CBE, the Chair of British Canoeing

Proposals Regarding the Presidency of British Canoeing

Dear John
I am uncomfortable with the proposals concerning posts of Life President, Honorary President, President Elect, and with the proposed nominations panel, all of which smack of removing democratic process.

As I understand it the President does not have voting rights on the Board, but he/she can speak and is the only person elected by the BC membership.

With great respect to Albert Woods, making constitutional changes around one individual and one current situation is always unwise and the multiple presidencies proposed are bound to be confusing. The further “nominations panel” amounts to a filter to keep out candidates unwelcome to the BC establishment and it is, frankly, insulting to the membership.
I will be voting against these proposals.

Nick Penfold

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