N3TC Drak by Numbers

No: drak1813
17 Jan 2018
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Written by: Dave Macleod

0 - the number of compulsory portages on the race
1 - the number of international winners of the race - Max Hoff (Germany) in 2007
3 - the number of weirs on the race
3 - the number of times the race has been started at the Trout Hatcheries due to low water - 1997, 1999, 2007
3 - the number of athletes to have won three consecutive titles - Abby Solms, Hank McGregor and Andy Birkett
4 - the number of consecutive wins by defending champion Andy Birkett
Photo credit Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media
4 - the number of paddlers aiming to finish their 20th Drak
6 - the most number of men's titles won - Ant Stott
7 - the most number of victories - Abby Solms
Photo credit Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media
10,23 - the distance to Black Murray rapid, marking the end of the Valley of a Thousand Rapids
22 - the number of finishes by Colin Simpkins and Dave Macleod
23 - the record for the most Drak finishes - Owen Hemmingway
Photo credit Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media
25 - the age of the Drak Challenge this year
36 - the number of paddlers to have finished 15 or more Drak Challenges
36 - the percentage of paddlers that finished the flooded inaugural race in 1994
48 - the number of paddlers with nine finishes, poised to become Drak Trouts
63,492 - the total distance in kilometres of the whole race
149 - the number of Drak Trouts (paddlers with ten or more finishes)
1500 - the number of bottles of locally sourced spring water for the paddlers
2000 - the number of hamburger patties brought by the caterers
2171 - the number of paddlers that have done only one Drak Challenge
4632 - the total number of paddlers to have completed a Drak Challenge
9600 - cans of Hansa brought in the for the festivities
40 000 - the number of cubic metres of water ready to be released from Castleburn Dam
The N3TC Drak Challenge starts at Castleburn on Saturday 20 January with a 24 kilometre stage to Sinister Pool, just above the Swartberg Road Bridge. The second stage on Sunday 21 January is 36 kilometres finishing at Early Mist Farm close to Coleford resort. More information can be found at www.drak.co.za